El Villicum surprised everyone, beautiful structure and perfect organization, this time Dorna together with the Argentina, did a great job. Track loved by all riders, defined technical and fun.Friday starts very well for Go Eleven, in a track still to be rubberized and slippery, has emerged the riding sensibility of Stange and Iturrioz, always in top ten end really close to the Q2. Iturrioz was unable to attempt the passage in Q2 due to a clutch failure, while Stange dominated the Q1 for almost the entire session, that he lose just in the final, a pity.Christian, in the first laps of the race remains bottled in the back, but soon manages to get rid of some opponents and to chase the points, with Constance and tenacity he get a good 14th place. Ezequiel makes a very fast start and finds himself in 13th position, his pace in the first laps is incredible and with two overtaking he is 11th to fight for the top ten in his home race, then he is forced to give up some positions due the drop off of the tires.On the other hand, some technical problems have characterized the Friday of Roman Ramos, who lost all the second session of practice and was forced to chase, both the set-up of the vehicle and the knowledge with the track.The fp4 have restored competitiveness to the Spaniard, but has not managed to exploit the new tire in the qualification, but he have showed an excellent race pace, then confirmed in the first race. Roman in the last 6 laps was among the fastest on the track managing to resume Marino and try to overtake in the last corner. A good 12th place that gives moral.
In the second race the expectations were very high but the heat, more than 10 degrees more than Saturday, and the rain fall in the night, changed the conditions of the asphalt, creating several problems to Roman, both at the maneuverability of the bike that at the grip of the front tire. The 13th place was the maximum possible result.
Roman Ramos #40 (WSBK race 1; 12th):“On Friday I was really worried, I had a lot of problems and I was not fast. The team really did a great job and this morning gave me a completely different bike, I liked it right away. In the race I started well but with the new tires and the tank full I had several problems, then with the consum of the tires I could always drive better and be faster, in fact I did the fastest lap on the penultimate lap. Tomorrow we will try to be competitive right away.”

12/10-14/10/2018, Round 12, WorldSBK, Argentina, San Juan
Roman Ramos #40 (WSBK race 2; 13th):“After yesterday’s race I thought I could make a good step forward in race 2, I smelled top ten, but the track conditions had a negative impact. On the second lap I had a contact with Camier and we lost 4 seconds, and also the contact with the front group. We go back home with 7 points, after all it’s fine.”
Christian Stange #88 (WSS; 14th):” I have to thank my team, they are doing a great job, here we really enjoyed it, in practice I wanted to go directly to Q2, I will try again in Qatar! About the race, I gave my maximum, I could not be as fast as I was in practice, I was lacking grip but I’m happy to be entered in the points. I’m learning a lot, race after race i am faster, for me it’s very important to continue like this.”

12/10-14/10/2018, Round 11, WorldSSP, Argentina, San Juan
Iturrioz Ezequiel #34 (WSS; 16th):“My fans are fantastic, it’s great to race here in Argentina, in front of my people who finally see me on the track, lives the sbk for the first time. I’m really happy with my results in practices, I was almost always with the first ones, I was sorry I could not play the qualification, but it’s racing, it happens. In the first laps of the race I was surprised by myself, being there to fight for the top ten is really a good result, unfortunately I could not keep the pace of those in front but I have to say thanks to my team and all my fans.”

12/10-14/10/2018, Round 11, WorldSSP, Argentina, San Juan
Denis Sacchetti (team manager):“Argentina has given us a really positive experience, hospitable people and wonderful track!Roman has scored points in both races, but we can not be happy because both he and the team are working very well, but the vehicle unfortunately does not allow us to do more!I’m happy for the supersport, this weekend both Stange and Iturrioz have done very well, Christian this time he really deserved the result because there have been no withdrawals or falls, every race takes a step forward and goes stronger, as well as Ezequiel, who made a lion’s weekend before his audience.See you in 15 days for the grand final in Qatar!”