The races are also this, needs try, always, sometimes it’s okay and sometimes not, but this is the basis of every sport, every goal to be reached, it is right to try to do better, always!The Dutch weekend was not the most generous, Roman does a good time in qualifying but at the start of race 1 the bike rears up and is forced to another comeback. In the first laps he struggled a bit to find his race pace, but soon he is the fastest of the group ahead of him, with beautiful and determined overtakings he goes ahead and try to reduce the gap on Toprak, tenth. The disadvantage is reduced quickly but at two laps from the end breaks a spark plug, and with the engine that goes to three cylinders still manages to finish eleventh.In race two he does not want to lose any time, and he tries to get immediately close to the top ten, but loses the front and slips at turn 4. Canducci was penalized all weekend by a bad sick that limited his performance, also the feeling with his zx6r was not as good as Aragon, and preferred to return to his box.
Epis found himself struggling with one of the most complicated tracks in the world, not for nothing is nicknamed the Cathedral of motorcycling. He worked hard to improve but in the race after only a few laps he was forced to retire due to a technical problem, not still identified. It was an enthrilling weekend for the COMI guests that were able to participate at the event. The next stop will be at Imola, we return at home with the empty bag, but full of motivations for the Italian ruond.
Roman Ramos 40 (WSBK race 1; 11th):“With the tank full I was very struggling, then I managed to make a good pace and I was fast enough, the bike was fine, it is not 100% yet but we are improving a lot. On the final, just as I was taking Toprak, the bike started to have a problem and I could not fight for the ten position.”

Roman Assen3
Roman Ramos 40 (WSBK race 1; rt):“We were forced to make a big changes from the first race and the warm up was not enough to make a perfect set up. Today I did not want to lose too much time in the first laps, I knew that if I had been with them right away I could have done a good result, but maybe I asked too much and I fell. I have lost the front suddenly.I’m sorry, here in Assen we could have finish both races in the top ten.”

roman grid assen1
Michael Canducci (WSS; rt):“A weekend to forget, I was not feeling well on Friday, I was sick, then from Saturday I accused chattering coming from the rear wheel, which we could not solve. In the race I could not ride the bike and I have preferred to stop.”

Canducci Assen1


Lachlan Epis 83 (WSS; rt ):” My team is doing its best, thy have worked hard to help me, especially on this track, very difficult for me. I was in trouble on fast changes of direction, I felt the bike heavy, but I started well and I could have a good race, then the bike is turned off. I’m positive for the future.”

Epis Assen1
Denis Sacchetti (team manager):“Sport is formed by positive Sundays and negative Sundays, the important thing is to take all the good that is given to us. We know that Roman can fight with the protagonists, and we know where we have to work for use at the best this new engine. Both the rider and the team have the morale high and the desire to demonstrate their value.The Supersport this year is characterized by a Yamaha too strong, Epis needs time to grow and Michael is not living a lucky period, before the injury, now the flu, we hope to turn the page as soon as possible!”