Canadian Olivia Baril will convey COMI’Brand within the Valcar – Travel & Service team in 2022


With careful scouting throughout Europe and the world, Valcar – Travel & Service is putting together, piece by piece, the training for 2022 with the aim of create the conditions for an increasingly international development of the team. After the arrivals of the Australian Lizzie Stannard and the Polish Karolina Kumiega, Valcar – Travel & Service announces the arrival of a new athlete. This is Olivia Baril, a 24-year-old Canadian from the Massi – Tactic Women Team, a climber and two-time national road and time trial champion U23.

Olivia, welcome to Valcar – Travel & Service. Why did you choose this team?
“I choose Valcar -Travel & Service because Davide and the whole staff have a lot of confidence and faith in me and i’m so happy to be seen in this way, they completely believe in me. This team has developed amazing athletes and the chemistry between the girls is something the whole peloton notices and I’m really excited to be joining a nice team environment like Valcar – Travel & Service.”

Tell me about yourself, Olivia. How did you start cycling?
“I was a swimmer and cross-country runner all throughout high school. One day I received a call from the regional junior cycling team asking me if i would like to join and I raced the following season with them, as a first year junior.”

And besides cycling, what do you like to do?
“On my free time, I’m finishing my studies in osteopathy, which took up most of my time these past 5 years.”

Speaking of cycling again, what are your goals for next season?
“I want to help the Valcar to many wins in 2022. The Tour de France will be a definitely big objective for the team and I, as it will be a very historical and viewed event worldwide. The Basque races have a special place in my heart, because I live in San Sebastiàn. I am looking forward to great races on my ‘home’ ground.”

And on a more personal level?
”On a more person level, i’m looking to qualify for the 2024 Paris Olympics, Valcar will offer me great opportunities to help me towards that selection.”