Thrilling races, beautiful duels, loyal and spectacular battles.Roman on Friday found the difficulties left in Thailand, but continuing the work of development the 2018 bike, together with the team, his managed to re found the good balance, left at the end of 2017.Not yet ready to be able to do the “crazy lap” in qualifying, the position on the grid was not the one hoped, but the feeling for the race was good and in race 1 after a bad start he made a race all in comeback, overtakings clean and precise and at three-quarters of the race had already get to fight in 9 position. However, the pace keeped has unfortunately consumed more the tires, and in the sprint with Razgatlioglu failed to launch the last attack, but have obtein a beautiful and deserved placement in the top ten. The COMI Group’s guest, welcomed by the company managers inside the Team’s official hospitality, has definately enjoyed this weekend of races.
Race 2, at the time of departure, the bike rears up, can not turn the first corner with the front group and plunges into another exciting comeback, lap after lap can put the wheels in front of the Gagne’s Honda Redbull and close the race with a another good result.
Lachlan, one of the fastest riders on the wet track, continuing to grow even in the dry, it was going very well in the race but a problem in his right arm slowed him, and grinding his teeth managed to finish the race.Michael, on his return, immediately hit the top ten in qualifying and the direct pass to the superpole two, very fast already on Friday managed to improve at each entry on the track.In the race he has found the rhythm late doing the fastest lap with 3 laps to go, but getting a good result, camming back from an important injury.
Roman Ramos 40 (WSBK race 1; 10th):“I had a lot of fun today, with the bike I felt good, I managed to ride and to brake better than the first two races, the fight with Baz, Razgatlioglu and Gagne was very nice and correct, a wonderful race. We can still improve, I think that we have taken the right way.”
Roman Ramos 40 (WSBK race 1; 11th):“I was not able to start well, the bike is rearing up and I had to remove the gas, so on the first lap I had already lost several seconds from the front group, then I lost time to overtake Jacobsen, his honda is really fast on the straight, and so when I arrived in front of Gagne the ninth and the tenth had taken too much advantage. I am happy with these results, above all for the feeling achieved with the bike, I think it was been an important race for us and I am confident for the continuation of the championship.”

Roman 2
Michael Canducci (WSS; 14th):“I did not think I could be so fast right away, I am stopped for long time and the others have worked. In one lap, I can go fast, but I still need time to find a good rhythm and sew the bike on me to be able to use his maximum potential. The final result does not make us happy, but it is a good starting point.”

Lachlan Epis 83 (WSS; 24th ): “Around half race I started to suffer problems with my right arm, I managed to finish my race but it really hurt me. I will do my best to solve this problem already for Assen. The bike was fine, I’m happy with the work of my team, we are improving together and I hope to give a good result soon.”

Denis Sacchetti (team manager): “I am satisfied with my group, it is doing a great job and the results prove it. We are adapting the 2018 engine to our chassis and electronics, I think we have made a good jump here, improving a lot, now we have to wait for Assen to confirm it and go even further with the set up. In the next days we will also understand what will happen now that Ducati has reached 9 concession points of advantage on kawasaki. For the rest, is always very nice to see Roman in action. Canducci showed character, after the stop for the injury that he had in Australia he is back on the saddle only on Friday entering immediately in superpole 2 and surprising everyone. We could not expect anything in the race, he still has to find his rhythm and his feeling with this bike, but he did a good job. Epis was turning well, in the wet is very fast and this indicates that he has a good feeling on the bike. Unfortunately, the physical problem in the race did not take, I hope he can solve it quickly, the forearm for the riders is very boring.”