The Go Eleven Kawasaki team concludes the adventure in the Czech Republic with an emotional 10th place for Roman Ramos in race 2, after a great race that saw him in an incredible comeback, from the last position at the first corner, to the top ten under the chess flag. This was only a part of the enthrilling day spent by COMI guest that were attending the race and that were welcomed by the COMI managers and the Go Eleven Team.

For what concern the racing weekend, the team brought several technical solutions and the rain on Friday morning did not allow Roman to do the work as planned, but even if these updates were tried until the warm-up, the technicians were able to give to Roman a balanced bike and at the max of its current potential.In qualifying he is very close to the access at the Q2, and the time and the race pace is very good. At the start maintains his position, but lost time behind Fores, slower than him but difficult to overcome, on the sixth lap overtake his compatriot and in a short time closes the hole on Hernandez, now the fight is to three, there is also Mercado, but consumed too much the front tire and the grip is precarious, so can not attack.Race two starts badly, at the first corner he is the last. Roman does not give up and starts to overtake his opponents, his pace is very fast and lap after lap reaches Baz, managing to win the battle on him with only 3 corners from the end, taking an exciting top ten. With a good start, his race pace would have seen him fight for the seventh position.In Supersport Iturrioz has moved closer to the Group, he has had excellent practice and a good race, really constant.Morciano, called only for the race in Brno, was immediately at ease with the team, his times until Saturday morning were above expectations, very fast on the race pace, but where it was limited by big problems of grip.
Roman Ramos 40 (WSBK race 1; 13th):Xavi is a hard bone to overcome, he made me lose a lot of time, then I pushed to resume Hernandez and in the last laps I had no more rubber on the front, I could not try to overtake. However, I’m happy, here we have re-found competitiveness, new technical solutions are helping us and I think we can improve again for tomorrow.”
Roman Ramos 40 (WSBK race 2; 10th.): “Without a bad start today we could stay with Camier and fight for the seventh position. The bike was fine, it was a very fun race, was important to return to the top ten. Unfortunately with this new engine configuration I can not start well anymore, and we are losing many chances. I want to thank the team for the great work they did, they were fantastic.”

Roman Brno
Luigi Morciano 44 (WSS; 22th):“Running a race of the world championship is always a great opportunity and I want to thank Go Eleven for making my dream come true. We could have achieved a lot more, in practice I was fast but then in the race I did not succeed, front and rear slipped a lot.”

Morciano Brno
Iturrioz Ezequiel 34 (WSS; 23th): “This is a very competitive category. I always find more feeling with my bike and I’m getting closer and closer, as evidenced by my detachment from the first, but I suffered a lot the low grip on this track. Today in the race I understood many things and we will work to improve and be in the group already from Misano.”

Iturrioz Brno
Denis Sacchetti (team manager): “After a difficult period, return in the top ten and fight against with these riders, show how strong is the team. I want to thank all the members of the team, because is thanks to each of them if we came out of that situation and we returned to having fun. Now we continue to work with heads down, we are only at half season and we can still take a lot of satisfaction. Roman was great, as always! The priority now is to focus on departure, our weak point. The Supersport is not repaying the efforts made, we are aware that we have the potential to fight a lot further, and we will do our best to get back to the front.”