About Us

COMI was founded in August 1973, by two partners Enzo Ballabio and Remo Sertori, with the aim of designing and manufacturing thermoforming machines, with a distinctive regard to the refrigerator industry. For several years, the company has been concentrated on manufacturing of machines, while the sale and marketing have been managed under a joint brand. In 1998, year of the turning point, COMI decide to face the market with its own brand, winning from the beginnning, the market confidence and meeting with outstanding success, thanks the quality and high-level technology of its products.

In 1994, the idea to implement its products range with cutting systems of advanced technology, led the company to enter into the field of laser cutting machines, at 3 and 5 axes.

In 2008 COMI enters into the majority of the capital of the recent established “TechMill”, a Company specialized in design and construction of CNC machining centers, taking over full ownership in early 2011.

In 2009, Comi signed a co-operation agreement with LDSA, a French leading company in the field of waterjet cutting machines, for the development of new products in partnership.

Nel 2010 COMI SpA sigla un accordo di cooperazione con AMUT SpA, società italiana leader nel settore delle macchine per estrusione, per lo sviluppo congiunto di una linea di macchine per la produzione di porte interne con tecnologia ad alta pressione ed elevati livelli di produttività.

Nel 2011 COMI SpA acquisisce CBM, una piccola azienda italiana specializzata in macchine di termoformatura per il settore packaging, al fine di ampliare la propria gamma di produzione.

Nel 2012 COMI SpA acquisisce Benazzato, una società italiana costruttrice di Centri di lavoro per impieghi gravosi (acciaio, titanio ecc.)

Nel 2013 COMI SpA e AMUT SpA uniscono le forze nel settore del Packaging creando una società unica per la produzione di termoformatrici da bobina.

There are two manufacturing plants: the main with headquarters in Ciserano (Zingonia) and a second one in Levate.

After almost 40 years of hystory, COMI is a strong and realible Company, with more then 1.000 systems installed in over 50 Countries around the world, and a “first class” customer’s reference list, with its name recognised to be among the most prestigious leaders in the market.

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide our customers not only a machine, but a productive solution that fully meets even the most demanding expectations.

For this reason, every machine is designed according to the principle EDMAS (Everybody Deserves the Most Appropriate Solution) to provide “tailored” solutions.


Welcome to the section dedicated to the selection of our machines!

In over 40 years of experience in the field of thermoforming, Comi has designed and built for its customers, many solutions.

Thanks to the considerable experience gained over the years, today Comi has a wide range of products that meet p with any market request, from small single stations up to the most demanding applications in in-line thermoforming with a very high production output.

The brand TechMill, implements all CNC machines, that are designed by a team of technicians with extensive industry experience and built in line with the developments made available by technology to ensure the highest quality possible of our products.

The Comi-TechMill thermoforming and cutting systems, are a guarantee of reliability and performance at the highest level!