About Us

About Us

COMI is established in August 1973 with the aim of designing and producing thermoforming machinery, specifically for the refrigeration sector.

When the significant development abroad consolidated the company as a reference player in the refrigeration sector, the management decided to diversify its range of solutions through the expansion of its staff, hiring specific technically skilled people, together with an intense activity of company acquisitions.

Our goal is to provide our customers with not just a machine, but a production solution that fully meets even the most demanding expectations

For this reason each machine is designed according to the EDMAS principle – Everybody Deserves the Most Appropriate Solution – to provide tailor-made solutions.

COMI S.p.A. has defined and maintains a quality management system according to ISO9001: 2015, certified and monitored by DEKRA Certification Gmbh.

The certification application field is the design, production, installation and after-sales assistance of:

  • machines for in-line thermoforming, single-station and relative molds
  • compression presses for composite, thermosetting, rubber and special materials
  • 3/5-axis CNC machining centers for milling, laser and waterjet cutting machines

COMI already produces interconnected machinery, quickly programmable and equipped with artificial intelligence, making available to its customers these enabling technologies to capture important benefits including:

  • greater flexibility, through the production of small volumes at large-scale costs
  • greater productivity, through reduced set-up times
  • reduction of errors and downtime, through Edge Computing solutions for monitoring and detection of malfunctions
  • better quality and less waste by sensors that monitor production in real time

In recent years, industrial production has seen continuous increases in energy costs, forcing all manufacturing companies to pay more and more attention to the containment of these consumptions.

Since long time COMI drives the design of its machinery taking this requirement into consideration, implementing solutions that go towards the reduction of energy consumption.

Some solutions that allow significant energy savings used in the production of COMI thermoforming machines are:

  • optimization of the thermoforming processes, which allows the reduction of the thickness of the sheets
  • the generation of vacuum through venturi, replacing the traditional pumps in continuous operation
  • axes compensation by pneumatic systems, which limits the use of the motor only to positioning operations